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Used and Consignment

Bell Trailerplex likes used trailers. We get asked about used trailers from customers everyday.

So, we take trade-ins and we take trailers on consignment. Here's how it works.


1.) If you buy a new trailer from us and have a trailer to trade-in, let us look it over.

2.) We will give you our trade offer on it.

3.) If you would like more out of it than we can give, you are welcome to leave it here on consignment.

4.) If you are buying a new trailer from us, we WILL NOT CHARGE YOU ANY FEE to sell it for you.

5.) If you want to leave a trailer here on consignment, and do not wish to buy a trailer,  we will consign it for

you for a free of 10% of what it sells for.

6.) If it doesn't sell and you pick it back up, you owe us nothing.

Keeping it Simple! Also, all used trailers that we trade for will go through our service department for a

wheel bearing pack, light, brake and suspension service, hopefully giving the buyer a little peace of mind.

Check here often or call us for our used and consignment inventory.

If you have a trailer you want to trade in or consign

- We need to SEE your trade-in, can't evaluate it over the phone

- We need papers on your trade-in, it's very difficult to sell a trailer without the paperwork

- We can't accept credit cards for consignment trailers, funds have to be made to the owner/seller directly


Consignment Fact: If you price it too high it won't sell, most everything has a market, if the price is right.

Good used trailers don't

last long.


Give us a "ring" at