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Car Hauler usually refers to a lowboy style trailer without an upper rail. That said, Bell Trailerplex sells a whole lot of car haulers that never haul cars. The design of the trailer gives it its name, but the uses are endless. Norte car haulers are used for hauling hay, pallets, pipe, tractors, ATV’s/UTV’s and BBQ cookers to name a few. Over the years, Bell Trailerplex has also put a lot of car guys onto Norte car haulers. Now, if a car guy can be satisfied with a Norte car hauler, we know it’s a great trailer! Car guys are super-picky and they love their cars. They require only the best to safely and securely transport their passion and investment. Consider the fact that if a car guy is satisfied with Norte quality...just how well can these great trailers haul your hay? Come see why they sell so darn well. And why there are so many different styles, here at Bell Trailerplex

Norte car hauler features

– 4” to  6” channel iron construction

– Long, easy loading ramps

– Slide-in or stand-up ramps available

– BULLDOG couplers

– 7 pin plugs

– Swivel or drop-leg jacks

– Recessed lighting

– Removable fenders

– Wood or diamond plate steel flooring

– Limitless sizes

– 1 year warranty

– 3) GVWR’s available

– MANY cool colors to choose from

Norte is the car guy’s car hauler! And hay hauler, and pallet hauler , and pipe hauler, and....”


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